Food supplement made from plant extracts of: Cascara, Buckthorn, Senna leaves, anise, fennel and chamomile.

60 CPR

Food supplement based on plant extracts of: Cascara, Frangula, Senna leaves, Anise, Fennel and Chamomile. Cascara, Frangula and Senna promote the regularity of intestinal transit, extracts of Anise, Fennel and Chamomile help the digestive function, the regular motility of the gastrointestinal system and promote gases elimination. 

The formulation is the result of a careful study that selects plants in order to guarantee the enhanced action of each active ingredient present in the supplement.

CASCARA (10% CASCAROSIDE) and FRANGULA (7-9% ANTHRACHINONIC GLYCOSIDES): Plants that contain ANTHACHINONIC GLYCOSIDES, among which the best known are CASCAROSIDES and FRANGULOSIDES. These, thanks to the intestinal bacterial flora action, free the active part of the molecule. They stimulate PERISTALS, increasing the intestinal musculature reactivity and natural contraction, which determines the transit and the stimulus to defecation. They also promote accumulation of water and electrolytes.
WARNING: Avoid the use of these plants during pregnancy, lactation and in case of diseases such as diverticulosis, intestinal blockage or hemorrhoids.

CHAMOMILE ( 0,3% APIGENINE)Although known as a mild sedative, this plant actually has a strong anti-inflammatory activity on the mucosa, given by the action of APIGENINE, a flavonoid. It completes its action thanks to two important properties: it is emollient, so it gives relief in case of irritation of the mucosa; and it is spasmolytic, that is, it acts as a sedative of the vegetative nervous system, so it stops contractions and pains the stomach and intestine.

SENNA (6-8% SENNOSIDES):SENNOSIDES (A and B), molecules responsible for plant activity, are ANTHACHONE GLYCOSIDES and are used for chronic and occasional constipation.

STAR ANISE ( 0,3% Essential Oil): It contains an essential oil made up of 80% by ANETHOLE. It has eupeptic (stimulates appetite) and stomachic action: it helps in difficult digestion, stimulating gastric secretions, peristalsis.

FENNEL ( 0,9% Essential Oil): Allied in all digestive tubes, fennel is a plant with CARMINATIVE power, that is, it removes gas from the stomach and intestines and soothes pain (colic). Helps in case of swelling, belching, flatulence, digestive insufficiency and irritable bowel therapy. It inhibits the fermentation processes in the large intestine and has antispastic capacity on the smooth muscles. Studies show that it has similar efficacy to metoclopramide (Principles pharmacognosy and phytotherapy, M. Tognolini and M. Chiavarini, 2007).




Syndrome Constipation
Ingredients Anise, Buckthorn, Cascara, Chamomile, Fennel, Senna
SKU A036
Packaging 60 COMPRESSE

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RDA% : Recommended Daily Allowance

VNR%: Reference Nutritional Value

INGREDIENT DOSE (2CMP) CASCARA E.S. 100mg frangula E.S. 75mg SENNA E.S. 75mg ANISE E.S. 50mg FENNEL E.S. 50mg CAMOMILLA E.S. 50mg
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