About us

passionate of what we do

We welcome you on our website and in our shop in the Piazza della Signoria in Florence and you have a virtually infinite time for a personalized olfactory experience among our fragrances. Our staff will be happy to have all the information you need about the composition and the facets of Perfumes, the ingredients and the function of our cosmetics and our specialized products. The doctors there will explain the therapeutic properties of plants that make up our supplements.

You can find all this information on this site that also includes a special olfactory journey that will guide you virtually through colors and evocations related to the various fragrances,but for any doubt or request for advice please email us at info@spezieriepalazzovecchio.it.  We will respond to all your email detailing our answers to give you all the information necessary to understand what are the products that address your needs. As for the purchase of supplements always we recommend to bring our information to your doctor.

who we are:

Giovanni Di Massimo Founding Partner. Formulator of supplements and cosmetics and creator of perfumes. Degree in Pharmacy at the University of Urbino
Francesca Di Massimo CEO and Partner, Degree in Electronic Engineering at the University of Florence, Diploma of Herbalism at the University of Urbino and Master’s Degree in Applied Herbal Medicine of II level with a grade of 110 at the UNICUSANO University of Rome. Certificate of Specialization at Mouillettes & Co on “Tecniche della Profumeria e Linguaggio degli Odori”. Formulator of Supplements, Cosmetics and Perfumes.
Nicoletta Morrocchi.Co-Responsible for sales activities in the Flagship.
Degree in Pharmacy at the University of Florence
Francesca Maestrelli. Co-Responsable for sales activities in the Flagship.Herbalist Diploma at the University of Urbino
Chiara Duilio Responsible for the technical cosmetic documentation and sales consultant. Dregree in Biology at the University of Florence
Leonardo Miliani. Logistics and order, BtoB administration.
Leonardo Pinzauti Logistic and order manager assistant and digital marketing assistant