Digestive disorders


Description: stomach acid, gastritis, ulcer, esophagitis, hiatal hernias of stomach, meteorism (aerophagia), intestinal colic, colitis (spastic, ulcerative, chronic) irritable colon, neurovegetative dystonias.

Natural active ingredients for disorder prevention and control:

FICUS CARICA  –  Apigenine form CHAMOMILE  –  STAR ANISE essential oil  –  MARJORAN  –  Polysaccharides from ICELANDIC LICHENLEMON essential oil  –  Glycirrizic acid from  LICORICECHARCOALFENNEL essential oil  –  PAPAYA   –  LACTOBACILLUS ACIDOPHILUS (3 billion per tablet)  –  Inulin from BURDOCK  –  Chlorogenic acid from  HELICRISUM  –  CUMIN

All the above mentioned active ingredients have been included in the formulation of the food supplements listed at the end of this page

Digestive tract disorders are complaints we frequently complain about. Often it is simply about poor digestion, occasional heartburn, mild nausea, bloating and constipation. However, if persistent, these symptoms could hide pathologies of a certain importance to be recognized and treated promptly such as, for example, gastritis and duodenal ulcer, liver stones or chronic colitis.
An unexpected remedy to counter gastric disorders is LEMON essential oil: despite having an acid PH, lemon is a natural antacid, because the organic acids of which it is rich, in contact with gastric juices, lose the acid component and they transform into citrates and carbonates, or in basic substances, which serve to alkalize the blood and stimulate the metabolism of minerals. Lemon therefore has a remarkable action in regulating the acid-base ratio of our body and in counteracting tissue acidosis.
ICELANDIC LICHEN is also an excellent gastroprotector, as it is very rich in mucilages that form a layer on the mucosa that acts as protection from acids and irritants. It also stimulates intestinal regularity, promoting motility. Mucilages make the stool softer and, at the same time, absorb liquids in case of diarrhea. Lichen also acts as a tonic, promotes digestion and stimulates salivary and pancreatic secretions.

Dietary reccomendations:  Eliminate sausages, fried foods, dried fruit, meat broths, spirits. Hepatobiliary and digestive disorders(download pdf)    

Lifestyle: stop spirit consumption

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