Viral infection disorders


Description: Pharyngitis, Laryngitis, Sore throat, Cough, Bronchitis also of an allergic nature, Asthma also of an allergic nature, Cold, Sinusitis, Rhinitis, Earache

Natural active ingredients for disorder prevention and control:

Vitamine C from ROSE HIP  –  Bioflavonoids from fruits and vegetables  –  PROPOLIS  –  RIBES NIGRUM  –  Echinacoside from ECHINACEA  –  THYME  –  MINERALS: Zinc and Copper  –  Coenzime Q10  –  EUCALIPTUS   –   Acetylcysteine  –  ENULA CAMPANA   –  ICELANDIC LICHEN  –  DROSERA  –  GRINDELIA  –  Polifenols from RHODIOLA ROSEA  –  Curcuminoides from TURMERIC  –  Cinnamon  –  Cloves  –  Salicin from WILLOW Flavonoids and Vitexin from PASSIONFLOWER  –  Apigenin from CHAMOMILE  –  MARJORAM  –  Niacin

All the above mentioned active ingredients have been included in the formulation of the food supplements listed at the end of this page

Flu disorders are all united by a need to stimulate  immune system to react adequately to the ongoing infection. There are numerous clinical studies that demonstrate the activity of ECHINACEA on the immune system. These studies show that it increases phagocytosis by macrophages, which are the blood cells responsible for englobing and destroying viruses and bacteria during infections. It also stimulates the production of T lymphocytes, cells that participate in the inflammatory process. The use of Echinacea is therefore indicated in the prevention of any viral (flu) or bacterial disease (strepto and staphylococci, etc.). In cooling and respiratory diseases, it therefore has antiviral activity, antibacterial activity, anti-inflammatory activity. The tolerability of Echinacea is very high. Echinacea can be prescribed by the doctor, even for children over the age of three.
ROSE HIP contains L-Ascorbic acid in fruit together with citric acid, carotenoids and tannins. It has an immunostimulating and immunoregulating, antioxidant, antiasthenic, adjuvant action against cooling diseases.

Dietary reccomendations: none

Lifestyle: protect yourself from the winter cold and get into the habit of ventilating the rooms where you live. Always wash your hands when returning home

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