Smell is probably the least developed of our senses, but that’s what always accompanies us. Every moment of our lives is tied to different odors that sometimes we love or we suffer in spite of ourselves. The perfume we choose to wear instead allows us to take with us the fragrance that we like best, the fragrance we desire that others feel when they approach us. Different periods of our lives are tied to different fragrance, but also several days or events, emotions and different feelings. With this short path you will discover the fragrances that best suit you in this moment of your life. Scroll all the pictures below using the brown arrows and read each of the accord evocations and ingredients and a short personal comment, then click on the one that attracts you most. You’ll be redirected to a filtered selection of Perfumes with your choise as main accord. You will then discover the scents of Florence that are closest to your desires.             Francesca Di Massimo
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