Hepatobiliary disorder


Description: liver cirrhosis, atonic gallbladder, hepatic colic, acute and / or chronic hepatitis, hepatosteatosis, gallstones, azotemia (accumulation of toxic metabolites), uricemia, dysbiosis

Natural active ingredients for disorder prevention and control: Silymarin from MILK THISTLE  –  Chlorogenicand Cynarin from ARTICHOKE  –  Inuline from da DANDELION  –  Hyperoside from BIRCH  – Schisandrina from SCHISANDRA – Hydroxycitric acid from GARCINIA  – Galegine from GALEGA  –  Curcuminoids from TURMERIC  – Apigenin da CHAMOMILE  – Flavonoids from LINDEN

All the above mentioned active ingredients have been included in the formulation of the food supplements listed at the end of this page

Liver is the largest gland in the human body and performs important metabolic functions: it produces bile and promotes the transformation of absorbed foods, in particular through the emulsion of fats and the synthesis of cholesterol and triglycerides. Furthermore, it is a real anti-toxin “filter” as its cells have useful characteristics to neutralize toxic substances, drug residues and dispose of metabolic waste. All this makes the liver a very vulnerable organ: viral infections, alcohol abuse, smoking, drugs, excess fat in diet can cause damage and dysfunction. Among these, the most common are liver cirrhosis, which is the effect of chronic inflammation of the liver (often attributable to alcohol abuse) which destroys the hepatocytes and causes scars that reduce, even irreversibly, the organ’s functionality . Accumulation of triglycerides instead leads to hepatic steatosis, also called “fatty liver”.
MILK THISTLE is an excellent hepatoprotector, recognized by the “German Commission E”. Its action is due to the SILIMARINE phytocomplex. It promotes the regeneration of liver tissue as it activates RNA polymerase, the key enzyme in cell duplication. It protects the hepatocytes (liver cells) from damage, increases glutathione (hepatoprotective action) and inhibits the synthesis of substances that cause inflammation. It is positively used in the treatment of cirrhosis, as a nephroprotective and to heal viral hepatitis. Its action on the liver is also reflected in dermatology: it cures dermatitis, furunculosis, acne and skin problems.

Dietary reccoemdation: Hepatobiliary and digestive disorders (download pdf)    

Lifestyle:  completely eliminate alcoholic beverages, perform blood analysis for liver function.

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