Cascara sagrada


Botanical name: Rhamnus Purshiana                            Habitat: California, Chile 

Plant parts used: trunk bark                                              Active ingredients and nutrients: Cascara Emodina, clisofanic acid, aloemodine (anthraquinone compounds)

Therapeutic properties:contains ANTHACHINONIC GLYCOSIDES, among which the best known are CASCAROSIDES and FRANGULOSIDES. These, thanks to the intestinal bacterial flora action, free the active part of the molecule. They stimulate PERISTALS, increasing the intestinal musculature reactivity and natural contraction, which determines the transit and the stimulus to defecation. They also promote accumulation of water and electrolytes.

WARNING: Avoid the use of these plants during pregnancy, lactation and in case of diseases such as diverticulosis, intestinal blockage or hemorrhoids.

For prevention and control of: INTESTINAL DISORDERS

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