ZAGARA NEROLI FLOR 250ml Room Diffuser with sticks


250 ml Room Diffuser with 20% Fragrance concentration. Natural Rattan sticks. Citrus

Packaging: 250 ml


The Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio Room Diffusers come from the same inspiration of the Eau de Parfum as a natural development and expansion of a fragrances line up that wishes to accompany people lives by spreading around where we live.
Some of our Diffusers have the same Eau de Parfum name to emphasize it and therefore we have created olfactory mixtures that, inspired by the Eau de Parfum fragrance that is composed of natural and synthetic precious and first quality raw materials, realize a similar olfactory pyramid but that also include ingredients that make it suitable to spread in the environment and to maintain the intensity for a long time, thanks also to the Natural Rattan sticks that enhance the olfactory characteristics.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Piramide Olfattiva

<strong>Main Accords: </strong> CITRUS – FLOWERY (RICH) <br> <strong>Olfactory Pyramid: </strong> <br> TOP: Orange, lemon, <br> HEART: orange blossom, tuberose, rose, Petitgrain <br> BASE: