Olfactory Logo

We help companies to develop their own Olfactory logo

We provide free advice to those who want to be guided in choosing the accords for the fragrance that will become their Brand and Company Olfactory Symbol. We customize the name of the fragrance on the label and use the fragrance chosen for the Eau de Perfum that for Room Diffuser in different formats.

Matteo Rambaldi, Matalè Shop Owner and Manager:

“The only way to resist to temptation is yield to Matale. And this is why we believe the Olfactory Logo is important, we want to retain our customers also with feelings and the scent taht we have identifed for our brand adds an olfactory sensation to our clothes and our accessories, but above all to the shopping experience of our customers. “

MATALE’  P.zza dei Martiri 2, San Giorgio di Piano, BOLOGNA