With the arrival of summer heat, more and more frequent exposure to the sun, swimming in the sea and in the pool, our skin could suffer more than usual and appear dry, tight and dull. it is difficult at that point to say whether it is dehydration or lack of nourishment.Despite this, figuring out which product to use is actually not that difficult without the need for extensive testing or testing.

Our skin is composed of a hydrlipidic film composed of a fat, lipids, and an aqueous part, the water molecules. As long as these two components are both present in the right quantity and in balance with each other, the skin of our face appears radiant, toned and healthy.

When the aqueous component is missing, the skin is dehydrated and, to check it, just use a hyaluronic acid serum all over the face or only in areas where the skin is dry and dull. If after a while the skin regains luminosity, it was precisely the water that was lacking, in those cases our skin struggles to retain the naturally occurring water molecules for a long time or the diet does not provide the right amount of water to all the cells of the ‘body.In this case, the application of hyaluronic acid will allow the water molecules to stay alive longer, thus avoiding evaporation and therefore the lack of water. If, on the other hand, the skin is still suffering after the application of HYALURONIC ACID SERUM, the hydrolipidic film is probably lacking in the fat component which is equally important. There are many reasons why the lipid component may be deficient and for this it will be necessary to act with active ingredients that rebuild it like oils. or prevent its destruction such as ceramides and resveratrol.  LA BARRIERA DEL TEMPO serum contains these active ingredients. After the serum, you can then apply the  EYE CONTOUR BIOCREMA RIGENERANTE if more hydration is required or the IMMUNO 6 CREAM if the lipid part is missing.