Botanical name: Salvia Officinalis                              Habitat: Southern Europe 

Plant parts used: leaves                                            Active ingredients and nutrients: plant estrogens (6000 IU of estrone in 1kg of drugs), essential oil

Therapeutic properties: it is rich in enzymes, vitamin B1 and C, and flavonoids, in particular ISOFLAVONES, which have an action similar to estrogen.
Thanks to the presence of these elements – which help to rebalance the hormonal system – Sage has a positive effect in alleviating hot flashes (thanks also to its action on the regularity of the sweating process), and in acting on anxiety and mood tone disorders typical of the menopausal state. 
It can also be used in case of water retention and headhaches, especially if caused by menstruation or menopause.

For prevention and control of: MENOPAUSE AND METSRUAL DISORDERS

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