Botanical name: Echinacea Angustifolia                                                Habitat:  North America 

Plant parts used: whole fresh plant                                                        Active ingredients and nutrients: resin, inulin, glucose, fructose, betaine, ethereal oil (containing 80% of non-cyclical tetraidrosesquiterpeni), echinacoside (immunomodulator)

Therapeutic properties: Its action is due to a phytocomplex consisting of ECHINACOSIDE, which has an antibiotic action similar to penicillin. In vitro and in vivo studies confirm its application for the treatment of respiratory tract infections and influenza. It has ANTIBACTERIAL and ANTIVIRAL action, acts as an IMMUNOSTIMULANT as it activates the lymphocytes and is ANTI-INFLAMMATORY, it also increases the NK cells (NATURAL KILLER). It has been shown that the plant reduces disease duration and symptoms with significant improvement in the clinical picture.

For prevention and control of: VIRAL INFECTION DISORDERS

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Showing all 2 results