dominant chord: CYPRUS
Sicilian Lemon, Wild Violet, Sweet Woods, Honey, Cream
Sweet caress of childhood, glasses of limoncello, an enveloping perfume that gives a retro elegance and lands on the skin like a soft kiss on the neck. A drop of honey falls into the bottle, and here Woods fall asleep on a bed of blooming violets, in the shade of a lemon tree. Violet, flower of simplicity and humility, often going unnoticed, has not only a surprising color but an even more magical smell. According to French legend, in the petals of this flower you can see the face of your loved one. “Les liaisons commencent dans le champagne et finissent dans la camomille”. And also the delicate chamomile, fragile its stem and its petals, but intoxicating its fragrance. A spell like in fairy tales. If Snow White’s apple and Cinderella’s shoe had been a perfume, it would have been the magical scent of delicate talc.

Packaging: 10 ml


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Dt. Di Massimo

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Weight 0.06 kg
Piramide Olfattiva

<strong>Main Accords: </strong> POWDERY – GOURMAND – CITRUS <br> <strong>Olfactory Pyramid: </strong> <br> TOP: Limone Di Sicilia <br> HEART: Wild Violet <br> BASE: Madagascar Vanilla, Honey, Cream, Softwoods


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