150 ml
Has an emollient and soothing on the oropharyngeal mucosa and promoting the welfare of the nose and throat and the fluidity of bronchial secretions.

150 ml 

Food supplement based on Acetylcysteine and plant extracts of Icelandic Lichen, Grindelia, Drosera, Enula campana and Thyme.
Grindelia, Icelandic Lichen and Enula bell play an emollient and soothing action on the oropharyngeal mucosa and favor the tone of the voice.
Thyme promotes the well-being of nose and throat and, in association with Icelandic Lichen, Drosera and Enula Campana,  promotes the fluidity of bronchial secretions. Icelandic Lichen is also able to stimulate  body's natural defenses.

ICELANDIC LICHEN: Icelandic Lichen is very rich in MUCILAGES, heterogeneous glycoproteins, which once in contact with water form plastic masses that act at various levels in the intestinal system. They give the Lichen an excellent GASTROPROTECTOR action, as it allows the formation of a layer on the mucosa which acts as a protection against acids and irritants. It also stimulates intestinal regularity, promoting motility. The mucilages make the stools softer and, at the same time, absorb liquids in case of diarrhea. Lichen also acts as a tonic, promotes digestion and stimulates salivary and pancreatic secretions.

GRINDELIA: The Grindelia contains two of the most well-known flavonols, quercitin and kempferol, substances capable of inhibiting an enzyme released during the inflammatory process, the so-called "leukocyte elastase", which can damage the respiratory epithelium if produced in a disorderly manner by organism, as happens in the case of inflammatory states of the respiratory system (Melzig MF, Löser B. Ciesielski S. 2001. Inhibition of neutrophil elastase activity by phenolic compounds from plants. Pharmazie. 2001 Dec;56(12):967-70.).

DROSERA: It acts as an antitussive and bronchodilator. For this it relaxes the bronchial smooth muscles to favor breathing and to calm the toxic reflex. The "German Commission E" recognizes its properties and recommends it in case of cough, lung or bronchial affections

ENULA CAMPANA: The root and rhizomes of the Enula Campana are rich in active ingredients with expectorant, bronchodilaxant and antiseptic properties of the respiratory tree: this plant is mainly used to disinfect the respiratory tract, to thin the phlegm with a calming cough action, as an adjuvant against the chronic bronchitis, in asthmatic forms, and to relieve the cough of smokers.


THYME: It has BALSAMIC properties given by the essential oil. Performs EXPECTORANT, MUCOLITYC, BRONCOLITYC and ANTIBACTERIAL action. It acts in colds, coughs, bronchitis and in catarrhal forms and simultaneously as an oral disinfectant. Inhibits microbial proliferation at very low concentrations (0.03% ) against various bacterial strains, including antibiotics -resistant.

ACETYLCISTEYNE: a derivative from the amino acid cysteine and is used in the treatment of bronchial affections with the presence of mucus as it has an excellent MUCOLYTIC action, thus allowing to thin the mucous secretions of the respiratory tract. It therefore allows the release of the respiratory tract, with a strong improvement on the symptoms. It also has hepatoprotective properties.


Syndrome Bronchial Asthma, Bronchitis, Influence, Whooping cough
Ingredients Acetylcysteine ​​and plant extracts of Iceland lichen, Drosera, Enula campana, Grindelia, Thyme
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Packaging 150 ml

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Grindelia, lichen and enula play an emollient and soothing on the oropharyngeal mucosa and favor tone voce.Il thyme promotes the welfare of the nose and throat and, in association with lichen, sundew and enula, favors the fluidity of bronchial secretions.
Acetylcysteine and plant extracts of Icelandic lichen,Grindelia, sundew, enula bell, thyme
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