10 ml
Whitening, anti-aging, against unsightly dark spots of the skin 10 ML

The Cosmetics of this line are natural and some of them are 100% NATURAL. We ese of vegetables and organic substances with scientifically proven effectiveness. The Cosmetics of this line are 100% natural. They follow a precise formulation philosophy that stands for 

  • Use of vegetables and organic substances with scientifically proven effectiveness. Synthetic substances have been reduced to a minimum quantity and limited to technical and productive requirements.
  • Use of  a small number of active ingredients, all with high concentration.
  • No Vaseline oils nor Paraffin.
  • No impeached preservatives such as phenoxyethanol, Parabens, formaldehyde, isothiazolinones. The preservatives are composed of a mixture of benzyl alcohol (a substance found in many natural essential oils) and Dehydroacetic acid (preservatives ECOCERT allowed).
  • No traditional chelating agents such as EDTA. . We are using a natural sequestering agent extracted from rice hulls -phytic acid -, which, in addition to the chelating and preservatives properties, acts as antioxidant, whitening, and soothing agent.
  • No synthetic antioxidants such as BHA and BHT. The antioxidant system consists of a natural blend of ASCORBYL PALMITATE and free tocopherol
    To ensure safety of all products, they have been tested to verify the contents of heavy metals Nickel (much lower than the threshold of allergenicity), microbiological testing and Challenge of dermatological Patch test at the Cosmetology Center at the University of Ferrara.
Ingredients Pomegranade, Vitamin C
Organic No
Concern Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-stain
Syndrome N/A
SKU 757
Packaging 10 ml

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Vitamin C super concentrated
Earnings to eliminate the unsightly dark spots of the skin
caused by age
exposure to the sun or other reasons
acts deeply.
pour directly on 'blemish few drops two or three times a day
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