ANTITUMORAL ACTION OF NAC OR N-acetylcysteine: So far acetylcysteine (the active ingredient in our syrup "MUCOCISTEINA") is used especially as a great bronchial thinner.

At the Institute of Neurobiology and Molecular Medicine, CNR, Rome Tor Vergata, after years of study and research, it was discovered that the NAC has a strong anti-proliferative effect on cancer cells.
This effect is not caused by the toxicity of the product, as the NAC is a nontoxic substance, but from the fact that it can act directly on the tumor cells, inhibiting, on the one hand, the proliferation of cells derived from a human adenocarcinoma and the other side, to induce DIFFERENTIATION in normal cells, thus activating a normalization of Balance between:


Of course these studies and these studies, described above, are still deepened, however it is good to note that the results so far obtained from the research are really flattering.