Many scientists are studying the relationship between health and TEMPERAMENT .They found that CONSCIENTIOUS, CAREFUL, RELIABLE, generally WELL ORGANIZED PEOPLE have a HEALTHIER HEART AND NORMAL VALUES OF PRESSURE.

They get less sick of DIABETES and HYPERCHOLESTEROLEMIA. But they tend to be subject to infections and, once sick, they take longer to heal. The product of Spezierie recommended in these cases is the  l'IMMUNO 6 (1-2 TABLETS per dayl) because it is a dietary supplement with antioxidant action, capable of hindering the formation of FREE RADICALS, and thus can increase the body's defenses . At the end of the post see the active ingredients.

InsteadEMOTIONAL ANXIOUS, NERVE, IRASCIBLE PEOPLE have higher risks of   blood clots and strokes. Those most anxious produce more HORMONES when stressed and therefore have a more responsive IMMUNE SYSTEM,  capable of producing more ANTIBODY that better fight VIRUSES and BACTERIA. Throughout the response, however, INFLAMMATORY PROCESSES  are generated that predispose to many CARDIOVASCULAR diseases.

A Genetic survey published in the  PSICHONEUROENDOCRINOLOGY journal of February 2015 and conducted on 12 students confirms these results. One might point out, however, that other behaviors related to the habits of each person  such as SMOKE stimulate INFLAMMATION affecting people's health. Several studies have shown that ANXIOUS AND STRESSED PEOPLE , tend to smoke more, do less physical activity and tend to eat in a disorderly manner.

As the writer belongs to the category of emotional, anxious, nervous and emotional people, he recommends not to smoke, to have a healthy, active life, walking a lot and following the DIETA MEDITERRANEA BILANCIATA

It is useful to treat the cause of the anxiety and not stir up resentment and other emotions that impact negatively. The natural product of Spezierie for these cases is the RELAXSONN with BIANCOSPINO, TIGLIO, ESCOLZIA, PASSIFLORA and LUPPOLO to be taken 2 times a day.


Turmeric, 95% Curcuminoids: Indicated for Gallbladder disease with a strong antioxidant activity, anti-arthritic, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory

Lycopene: Red pigment of the tomato, rich in carotenoids, with strong antioxidant capable of neutralizing free radicals and protect our DNA from 'oxidation and prevent various diseases tumorali.Il Lycopene is able to reduce up to 50% of cancers of the mouth, stomach, colon, rectum, prostate, cervical, ovarian and breast cancer. The Lycopene also protects the skin from photo-aging and carcinogenesis.

Rhodiola Rosea, 3% and 40% of rosavine Polyphenols - increases resistance to fatigue by reducing the sense of fatigue, stimulates ossigenaione blood and restores vital energy. It helps to reduce the rate of lipids (cholesterol) in the blood, as well as platelet aggregation. Exerts an effective antioxidant and anti-free radical, greatly increasing the body's defenses

POMEGRANATE, 40% ellagic acid -Anti atherosclerosis (reduces plaque formation especially at the level of the carotids), tends to lower blood pressure and plays a strong antioxidant and anti free radicals, greatly increasing the body's defenses.

Resveratrol from Polygonum cuspidatum 98%: performs a marked antioxidant activity greater than that of Vitamin C and Vitamin E and beta carotene. Used successfully in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, in 'hypertension, neoplasms and diarrhea. Coenzyme Q 10 Ubiquinone, Antioxidant for excellence in when significantly reduces the formation of free radicals greatly increasing the body's defenses (used successfully in cosmetic creams such as anti-aging anti-wrinkle).

All the active ingredients of 'IMMUNO 6, together promote a phenomenon that goes by the name of: SYNERGY, or capable of potenziarsi between them, significantly increasing their action