Useful for maintaining the normal physiological functions of the urogenital


60 CPR

Food supplement based on plant extracts of Bearberry, Gramigna, Corn stigmas, Ortosiphon and Cranberry, indicated to promote urinary tract function. 

The formulation is the result of a careful study that selects plants in order to guarantee the enhanced action of each active ingredient present in the supplement.

BEARBERRY (20% ARBUTIN): It is recommended by the "German Commission E" for the treatment of acute and chronic urinary tract infections, including CYSTITIS. This property is given by hydroquinone glycosides, molecules that are split off at the intestinal level into glucose and hydroquinone. The latter is excreted by the kidneys and then reaches the urinary tract where it carries out an antibacterial and antiseptic action, preventing the growth of bacteria responsible for infections such as E. coli, S. aureus, B. subtilis. It also acts as a diuretic, helping to eliminate the microorganisms responsible for infection. Since its action is enhanced by a basic urinary pH (> 7), it is advisable to take in basic foods such as milk, potatoes or sodium bicarbonate.

ORTOSIPHON (0.1% SINENSETIN): Also known as Java Tea, this plant has a  DIURETIC function and it favors the urinary excretion of sodium and nitrogen compounds, such as urea and uric acid. It also has antibacterial and spasmolytic properties. It is recommended as a diluent therapy in case of problems with the urinary tract

CRANBERRY (1% POLYPHENOLS): Cranberry, present in Pharmacopoeia, contains organic acids, vit. C, beta-carotene and tannins. It has an antiseptic and diuretic action and it is used for the treatment of CYSTITIS, DIARRHEA and GOUT. It also has a  hypoglycemic function.

GRAMIGNA: It helps in the purification of the urinary tract in case of infection,thanks to its DIURETIC properties. Rich in sugars that cannot be assimilated by our body, it acts by attracting water in the urinary tract by osmosis. Its use is recognized by the "German Commission E".

CORN STIGMAS: Corn stigmas are used for their diuretic properties as they increase the normal diuresis by 5-6 times. It acts as a sedative of the urinary tract and promotes the elimination of uric acid and phosphates. It is used in pathologies such as GOUT and in all the urinary tract’s problems (CYSTITIS, URETHRITIS, CALCULOSIS, RENELLA).

Syndrome Cystitis, Kidney stones, Leukocytosis, Nephritis, Prostatic hypertrophy / prostatitis
Ingredients Blueberry, Corn stigma, Couch grass, Orthosiphon, Uva Ursi
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Packaging 60 COMPRESSE

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RDA% : Recommended Daily Allowance

VNR%: Reference Nutritional Value

INGREDIENT DOSE (2CMP) UVA URSINA E.S. 200mg GRAMIGNA E.S. 200mg MAIS stigmas E.S. 150mg Ortosiphon E.S. 150mg Vaccinum VIT. ID. E.S. 100mg
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